The fund for the support and development of computer sports is a non-profit organization, created in order to popularize and develop computer sports (e-sports) in Kyrgyzstan

About The Fund

The main goal of the PF is development of the computer sports in the Kyrgyz Republic, as part of the international sports movement, and the training of citizens of the country to live in an information rich society. The goal is to improve in the field of support and development of computer sports in Kyrgyzstan, including:

  • cooperation and participation in the development of computer sports;
  • comprehensive popularization of computer sports;
  • assistance to legal entities and individuals in organizing events related to computer sports;
  • charitable activities carried out within the framework of the statutory goals;
  • carrying out events for computer sports.
  • Development of the search and replication of effective forms of education of children and adolescents on the basis of Computer Sport, aimed at the formation of a citizen's personality of the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Assistance to the development of the material and technical base of the Kyrgyz Republic computer sports in order to aid the implementation of e-sports training and increase number of competitions in computer sports;


To implement its statutory goals, the Fund establishes partnerships with specialists and organizations of other regions, international organizations and specialists, with a goal of sharing experience for the implementation
of the statutory goals.

Organization of events for the development of computer sports, including e-sport competitions, and even support for interregional and international e-sports competitions,

Providing comprehensive support to individuals and legal entities, who are players, participants or organizers of events, connected with computer sports,

Educational activity in the field of computer sports.

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Appeal to the sponsors

With the aim of developing e-sports in Kyrgyzstan, the public non-profit organization "Support and Development Fund for e-Sports" is open to any proposals for sponsorship.

The Fund can offer you the realization of advertising opportunities within the framework of sports and entertainment events held by the Foundation.

In addition, to ensure the convenience and comfort of communication, as well as the most complete implementation of potentially interesting advertising opportunities for your organization, we are ready to provide you with a personal manager with the authority to quickly implement any of your wishes within the framework of cooperation with the Fund.

Summarizing, we would like to emphasize that the Fund considers any proposals for cooperation, showing flexibility and understanding to any wishes and opportunities for sponsorship.

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